In the only and complex taste of our wines conferred by Nebbiolo of Valtellina are enclosed territoriality, effort, dedication and an infinite passion for an activity that has been handed down for centuries in Valtellina

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Alpi retiche IGT rosso Imperfetto

Alberto Marsetti continued the work of a family of wine growers that had already been established since the early 1900’s. The winemaking knowledge and experience passed on from his grandfather, Angelo, and his uncle, Antonio, aroused great passion and curiosity in Alberto, who for the first time in 2015, hand-harvested about 35 quintals (3500kg) of Nebbiolo grape. The grapes were then aged in a...
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Rosso di Valtellina DOC

A wine made from Nebbiolo grapes, with a minimum percentage of grapes from Valtellina. This wine was first created in 1991 and is traditionally consumed "young" due to the characteristics of its vinification and its aging in steel.  This gives the wine fresh and gentle notes of red fruits. A perfect pairing to any meal
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Valtellina Superiore DOCG Grumello

In 1986, when Alberto Marsetti was only sixteen, he established his winery by launching his first label onto the market, this being Valtellina Superiore DOCG Grumello. Grumello is made from only the best Nebbiolo grapes, scrupulously selected and manually harvested in our vineyards. Thanks to the vinification and traditional aging in Slavonian oak barrels, this wine is characterised by a bouquet of...
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Valtellina Superiore DOCG grumello Vigna Le Prudenze

Our Le Prudenze vineyard is found between 450 and 650 metres above sea level. At these altitudes the Breva (afternoon wind coming from Lake Como) dissipates the overnight mist as the day progresses, drying the grape and limiting the growth of fungal diseases. This, therefore, allows for the over-ripening of Nebbiolo grapes until early November, so that the concentration of sugars and the reduction...
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Sfursat di Valtellina DOCG

This is the oldest of the Valtellina wines. In around 1540 Ortensio Lando, an Italian philosopher and humanist, was one of the first to talk about it. Documents also show that as early as the 1300’s the Sforzato (which is the Italian version of the dialect word Sfursat) was produced and intended purely for family use and was often administered by the spoonful as a restorative medicine during...
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Valtellina Superiore DOCG riserva RV

Attachment to the territory of Valtellina and unconditional passion for Nebbiolo, always nurtured by Alberto Marsetti, involved and enthused the owner of Resine Valtellina, Renzo. His newfound dedication to viticulture has allowed the recovery of a vineyard now destined to climate forest, giving rise to the birth of this reserve from the important notes of overripe berries and seductive spicy notes. 
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