Sfursat di Valtellina DOCG

This is the oldest of the Valtellina wines. In around 1540 Ortensio Lando, an Italian philosopher and humanist, was one of the first to talk about it. Documents also show that as early as the 1300’s the Sforzato (which is the Italian version of the dialect word Sfursat) was produced and intended purely for family use and was often administered by the spoonful as a restorative medicine during diseases. Today, Sfursat is the most well-known and noble wine of Valtellina. The partially dried Nebbiolo grapes and the aging in barriques (barrels reserved for fine wine) confer an intense aroma of morello-cherry in alcohol and a very warm initial taste, with a soft tannin and good acidity. A perfect wine for combining with rich game dishes or, when paired with dark chocolate, a wine to relax with


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Grape variety
Nebbiolo (Chiavennasca)
Yield per hectare
85 quintals
First ten days of october exclusively in boxes
After two months drying in the fruit larder, the grapes are vinified with a submerged cap fermentation for about 30 days, with subsequent malolactic fermentation
At least 24 months in oak barrels
Intense ruby red
Fruity with hints of morello cherry, blueberries, strawberries and black currants. There are also pleasantly spicy notes
Dry at first glance and very hot, but with soft tannins and good acidity
Food pairings
Excellent with rich dishes based on game, blue and spicy cheeses. At the end of the meal it can be enjoyed with dark chocolate desserts.
Serving conditions
To open just before serving and serve in a balloon at 18 °C. Also available in 1,5 L size

Tabella nutrizionale


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