Alberto Marsetti

Alberto Marsetti -who established the business in 1986- is proudly carryng on the work of his grandfather Angelo, his uncle Antonio and his father Andrea. Marsetti’s family has always believed in Nebbiolo as a variety of wine grape able to express its splendour and richness of taste, especially at the local climate conditions

The vineyards spread over 9 productive hectars, although actually 2 others have been bought recently, and are located in the area of Sondrio, Berbenno of Valtellina and Chiuro. The soil is made of displaced rock from the overhead mountains; the location and the sun exposition are perfect allowing the grapes to reach the right degree of maturity

I vigneti

The cellar is based in the historical town of Sondrio in a picturesque area called “Scarpatetti”, with its pretty streets and well-tended stone cottages. Here, where ancient traditions and modern technology come together, Marsetti produces over 50.000 bottles of great wine per years as ROSSO di Valtellina docg, Valtellina Superiore docg GRUMELLO, Valtellina Superiore docg “LE PRUDENZE”, the best known wine SFORZATO di Valtellina docg and the last born, that is Alpi retiche igt IMPERFETTO.

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